We campaign on issues that matter to our members

Naturviterne campaigns on issues that matter to our members.

These go beyond our fight for fair wages and better work life. With their scientific and professional expertise, members of Naturviterne are well suited to work with and develop environmental issues in diverse areas such as: agricultural and aquacultural food production, the energy sector and research councils.

Naturviterne can provide the support you need to start your career, and to help you achieve your goals for a rewarding work life.

Many benefits:

  • Courses which provide guidance in job seeking
  • Review of your CV and job application
  • Offer company visits and presentations
  • Job postings on our website
  • Consulting and legal advice
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Our legal advisors will answer your questions concerning summer jobs, part-time work, or regular employment. 

Two hours of free legal advice annually for cases not related to your work or studies, tenancy contracts, inheritance, cohabitation or agreements.